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 Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric

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Crescent Shadow

Crescent Shadow

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PostSubject: Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric   Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:25 pm

I've been thinking about it and I believe it is time to put in play new special ranks for Fun Squad. To achieve a rank you will be dueling a two out of three match against a tester. For now only I am a tester until I can get more. There will be five ranks, 3 of those will be ranks you get from the duel tests. The other two will be special ranks you must get in special ways. More about those to come later. Below will be the ranks and what is needed to achieve them. Note that in your rank duel you need to achieve a certain score to get that rank.


- Alpha & Omega Rank: This rank is gained by winning special tournaments and challenges.

- Maiser Shock Rank: (Best duelists in Fun Squad)

- Fun Squad's Troublemakers Rank (Formerly Beginner Rank)

- Fun Squad's Hunters Rank (Intermediate  Rank)

-Fun Squad's Elites Rank (Expert Rank)

-Fun Squad's Watchers (Admin/Mod Rank)


Points for ranks:

These are what testers will be looking for during the test to grade you on:

-Deck is fun between both: out of 20 points

- Knowledge of rulings, chains, etc... : out of 20 points

- Friendly to opponent, not rushing opponent to play: out of 40 points

- Wins/losses in the match: out of 20 points


Points: 0-35points: Troublemakers Rank

36-50: Hunters Rank

51-70: Elites Rank

71-100: Maiser Shock Rank

Enough fooling around. Time for Crescent to get serious. "Swing Pendulum. More and more!"

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Game Master:

PostSubject: Re: Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric   Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:45 pm

Awsome cant wait for my test now, see where i can rank myself up too, great idea's.

"Nothing is easy but that's what makes it fun"

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PostSubject: Re: Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric   Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:12 pm

I still need a rank I'm a rank less member at the present
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric   

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Fun Squad Ranking & Rubric
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