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 Jericho's Deck Shop Grand Opening

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Crescent Shadow

Crescent Shadow

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PostSubject: Jericho's Deck Shop Grand Opening   Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:29 pm

Welcome all members of Fun Squad. It took some time but my deckshop is finally open! To celebrate this great event all deck prices are 50% off! The two beautiful sisters here will help me take your orders. Below will be the decks for sale and their prices. All you have to do is post a comment saying what deck(s) you wish to buy. Make sure you have enough FC to buy the decks. In addition some missions of fun squad will have coupons to my deckshop and I will also hold sales here (a different sale each week). What is on my list you don't have to buy, you can pre-order a deck you want. In that case we will negotiate a price and then i will build it for you.

Cashier's Desk:

Current Decks for sale:

Junk Quasar - 15
Evos - 15
Chaos Dragons - 10
Valhalla Fairies - 20
HunderSwarms- 20
EvilSwarms - 15
Blue-Eyes -10
Uria Trap- 10
Laval FireKing/Fists - 30
BlackWings - 35
SamuraiSabers -40
Blue-Eye Rulers -100
Cyber Dragon-25
Geargia Kuri-25
Hieratics (5 different Builds) -20 (per build)
Harpies -25
LightWorld (Lightsworn/darkworld) -30
Infernity -45
Sharks -35

Coupon & Sales Counter:

Sale For 5/19/2014: All decks Buy 1 Get 1 free (Valid until 5/23/2014)

Pre-Order List:

Enough fooling around. Time for Crescent to get serious. "Swing Pendulum. More and more!"

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Jericho's Deck Shop Grand Opening
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