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 My old/new X-Saber deck

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My old/new X-Saber deck  Empty
PostSubject: My old/new X-Saber deck    My old/new X-Saber deck  I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 16, 2014 5:51 pm

This is a old deck I had changed a lot in the past I lost its original structure awhile back. I got it back from someone I gave the original structure to but he had changed it up but it wasn't that hard to figure out which cards were never apart of it from when I gave it to him. I mostly rely on spamming X-Sabers or returning ,em to my hand with it but I also like keeping X-Sab's either in my hand, grave, or deck. My friend bob has had a hard time beating it. I also rely on three of the X-Sab's my Lv. 9 synchro monster Gottoms, my Lv. 6 effect monster Faultroll, and my Lv. 2 effect monster Pashuul. I use them more than any of my other monsters I try to keep my field filled with X-Sab's for Gottom's eff. Depending on my opponent I can do pretty well with it, the only decks that I cant beat usin my Sabers is Ghosttrick and Lightsworn, but I have had more luck with this deck than any other decks I use.
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My old/new X-Saber deck
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